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Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement - Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, PVC Pergola, Repairs & Replacement, Gates- 43-We do Residential & Commercial Fence Installation, Fencing Repairs and Replacements, Fence Designs, Gate Installations, Pool Fencing, Balcony Railings, Privacy Fences, PVC Fences, Wood Pergola, Aluminum and Chain link, and more

free quote-3-We do Residential & Commercial Fence Installation, Fencing Repairs and Replacements, Fence Designs, Gate Installations, Pool Fencing, Balcony Railings, Privacy Fences, PVC Fences, Wood Pergola, Aluminum and Chain link, and more

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5 Star Google Review-Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement-We do Residential & Commercial Fence Installation, Fencing Repairs and Replacements, Fence Designs, Gate Installations, Pool Fencing, Balcony Railings, Privacy Fences, PVC Fences, Wood Pergola, Aluminum and Chain link, and more


There are so many companies that offer fence installation and replacement solutions on the market. However, these companies offer very different levels of customer satisfaction. You need to choose a brand that is going to guarantee you the best fence installation and repair service. The most important thing is to get value for your hard earn income.  As a brand, we have been in the leading end when it comes to the provision of fencing services. There are so many things that has continued to give us a completive edge in the market. The business model that we use is our main critical success factor. We always look for ways of giving you maximum customer satisfaction. Our desire is to always give you nothing but the best. Here are some of the reasons that will motivate you to use our services.


Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement - Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, PVC Pergola, Repairs & Replacement, Gates- 41-We do Residential & Commercial Fence Installation, Fencing Repairs and Replacements, Fence Designs, Gate Installations, Pool Fencing, Balcony Railings, Privacy Fences, PVC Fences, Wood Pergola, Aluminum and Chain link, and more


Top Reasons to Hire Our Us

Customized Services

One thing we appreciate as a brand is that every fencing project is unique. Therefore, we strive to provide customized fencing solutions that will give your project the best look. You can be sure that we will give you the best depending on your budget. We will analyze your expectations and match them with your budget. You can be sure that we will create a fence that will stand out in the whole neighborhood. We have a team of creative designers who will craft very excellent designs. All we need to do is listen to your expectations then turn your dream into reality. We are the number one solution when you are looking for the best customized fences. Use our services today and you will have no regrets.

High Quality Materials

We only use original materials when handling your fencing works. One thing we understand is that the quality of the material is the major determinant of the kind of fence that we will set up. We buy high-quality and original materials from genuine suppliers in the market. We’d rather spend more on these raw materials but give you a product that will last you for a long period. No wonder our fences have continued to stand the test of time. One thing you can stay rest assured is that what we give you will last for decades. Don’t settle for the least when we are here to give you the best.


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Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement - Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, PVC Pergola, Repairs & Replacement, Gates- 26


Our Team

We have the best team of contractors in the market. It will be meaningless to use high-quality materials but poor expertise. First, we only employ well trained and highly experienced individuals. We have no compromise when it comes to the quality of contractors that we hire. Therefore, you can be sure that whoever will be handling your project has the right skills to do that. The team will produce very beautiful and highly functional fences. We don’t take anything for granted especially when it comes to art. Our fences are very strong and blend so well with the whole of your interiors. You can trust our team if you are truly searching for quality.

Modern Equipment

The above two points will be meaningless if we don’t empower our people. This is why we have spent a lot of money to invest in modern equipment. We know that it is the only way that we can use to enhance the efficiency of our operations. We have all the modern equipment that you can think of in as far as fencing is concerned. Therefore, we can be able to complete the work faster and still get better results. In fact, this high level of efficiency is makes our services quite affordable. We are able to guarantee you high quality services at the most affordable rates in the market.

Our Main Services

As a brand, we specialize in the installation, repair, and installment of all types of fences. You will find list of all our services and a brief description of each of them in this section. In case you don’t see the service, you are looking for on this list, feel free to get to us before your move further. We strive to provide all forms of fencing solutions that you can think about.

  1. Vinyl Fences: Vinyl is one of the best fencing material that you can find in the market. We have the right people to install this kind of fence in your property.
  2. Wood Fences: Wood fencing is still trending on the market up to date. We know how to give it the best touch so that it can be durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Aluminum Fences: This is a very good material if you are looking for an affordable option. We install in in such a way that it will give you the best service for long.
  4. Chain Link Fences: Chain links is one of the best materials especially if you want to keep your pets within the compound. The material produces one of the best fences as long as you have the right company to install.
  5. PVC Fences: PVC is one of the best material for fencing because of its attractive look and durability. You can use it to produce solid and aesthetically pleasing fences.
  6. Wood Fences: Wood remains to be one of the most popular fencing material. Our team uses it to produce the best custom fences that you can think about.
  7. PVC Pergola: PVC pergola add a great aesthetic value to your space. You can be sure of having a place where you can relax with your friends and family during the barbecue or grill.
  8. Wood Pergola: This is the most common material for crafting the pergola. We have a very creative team that will develop the best custom pergolas depending on the intended use and your taste and preferences.
  9. Fence Designs: There is a broad range of fence designs in the market and we will virtually work on all of them. The company contractors will also advice you on the one that suits your space best.
  10. Custom Fences: We delight in producing custom fences that will blend with your exterior seamlessly.
  11. Security Fences: Security is key and we are the best if you are looking for a security fence in your space.
  12. Iron Fences: Iron fences are trending especially if you are looking for privacy. We design beautiful and highly functional iron fences that you can compare to none.
  13. Fence Repair: Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement carries out all forms of fence repairs irrespective of the design.
  14. Fence Replacement: Call us when you need a professional to replace you fence and you will be amazed with the results.
  15. Gates: We are the best when it comes to dealing with all forms of gate installation, repairs, and replacements.
  16. Gate Repairs: We repair all types of gates including automatic ones.
  17. Gate Replacement: Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement is the best choice when you want to replace the old fence with a new one.
  18. Pool Fences: There are so many children who die every year because of falling in pools even in presence of adults. Our pool fences are the best especially when you think in terms of quality.
  19. Balcony Railings: Railings is one of the most important security features on your balcony. We use the right material that will make sure that the structure is stable and very beautiful.
  20. Backyard Fence Installation: Like any other part of the compound, the backyard needs maximum protection. We offer fencing solutions so that your area is not encroached with unnecessary human and animal activities.
  21. Automatic Gate Installation: Installing an automatic gate is not an easy task as it needs a high level of expertise. Entrust us with this noble responsibility and we will go a step further to help you maintain and service your automatic garage doors.
  22. Pool Fencing: A pool can be a healthy hazard for young children and pets. We give maximum protection to this area by offering the best safety fences.
  23. Residential Fence Installation: Our fencing products will make sure that your residence is fully secured. You can be sure that both your family members and household items are safe.
  24. Commercial Fence Installation: Offices have very valuable assets and documents that need maximum protection. Call us today and we will install the best security fences in your office.
  25. Privacy Fences: Privacy is key for both commercial and residential places. We can help you to achieve this objective through the high-end fencing solutions that we provide.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of fences do you install?

We install all types of fences. Our contractors are highly qualified and will handle all type of fencing tasks irrespective of the design, materials used and size of the project.

Do you offer fence maintenance and servicing?

Yes, we offer both maintenance and servicing for all types of fence designs

What are the qualifications of your employees?

Our employees are highly educated and experienced. All our contractors are also certified and hence offer nothing but the best in terms of quality.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in this industry for several years. All our contractors also have been handling this kind of work for several decades. We have a very rich experience if that is what you are looking for.

How much will I pay

We have a very flexible billing system that will charge you according to the size of the project. We have very small profit margins and hence offer the best rates in the market/

Do you charge for the quotation?

No, we give a free quotation and only charge for the fencing services that we offer

Can I get referees?

Yes, we have a long list of certified clients that we can give you as referees.

All said and done, Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement remains to be the best fence installation and replacement company in the region. We offer highly specialized fencing services that that will make your fence stand out in the market. Our main strengths include the use of high-quality materials, highly skilled and experienced contractors, high-end equipment, and high customer service levels. We set up highly durable and very attractive fences that will become the talk of the town. Get in touch with us today and you will join the list of our happy clients.

Fencing is the best thing that you can ever do to your home. There are several reasons that will motivate you to fence your property. The company you choose will determine the strength and aesthetic appeal of your home. There are several fencing companies in the region but not all of them will give you the assurance of quality. Once of the companies that will guarantee you a high level of success rate is Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement. We have the right team to work on any type of fencing project. You can be sure of getting high quality fences when you choose to hire our services.


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All You Need to Know About Residential Fencing

We are living in a world where everything is overexposed now a day. The changes in the modern society are surely welcomed but privacy is something that cannot be negotiable. Thinking about that, our “Orlando Fence Installation Solutions & Repair Pros” are here to provide you all the necessary help to keep your home private from others.

Installing a fence is not only to keep away the prying eyes of the neighborhoods; it also gives your family protection from buglers. Installing the right fence allows you to enjoy a space of your own without any disturbance as well as providing a safe shelter for your children and pets.

Now that we understand the importance of having a fence around your home, there are some certain points to consider before choosing the perfect fence. Certainly, you don’t want something that contradicts the other parts of the home and makes it look worse. You also don’t want anything that is only for beautification but doesn’t serve the actual purpose. It has to be the perfect blending of both necessity and fanciful.

You would be happy to know that, our highly-skilled workmanship will be taking care of all these. You don’t need to worry about what has to be done and how, just rely on ourselves. We have an expert team that can confidently deliver you the flawless service. All of our members are very reliable so that you can totally be relaxed about this project. You can choose from our variety of fencing options what suits best for your home as per your likings and requirements.

To make this installation process fast and success, we suggest you take a quick look at the following points that need to be considered before starting the project:

Know the basic purpose for installing the fence. Is it for keeping your children and pet safe or more likely to increase the security system of your home?

Get clear ideas about the whole budget of this process including material, installation cost; labor cost and also maintaining the total system.

Check whether you need any permits to start the process

Know your precise property lane before starting installing the fence

You may have a chit chat with your neighbor about what you are planning to do or you may skip this step

To guide you throughout the process we have provided our services in brief. Here we are talking mostly on the residential fencing installation. You will get a basic idea from the descriptions and help you to take the right decision for your home.

Vinyl Fencing: If you have a tight budget but also want to get a quality product then Vinyl Fencing could be your first choice. You can choose from a wide variety of styles. The maintenance cost is really low and the great thing is that it doesn’t require very often. For its styling look, it doesn’t need painting too. Very minor adjustments that need to be taken can be assured by our qualified team members.


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Wood Fencing: Another awesome inexpensive solution to your fence installation can be wood fencing. By choosing wood fencing, you not only protect your home but also protecting the environment is a friendly way. We offer a huge range of wood fencing in terms of shape, color, and size. Compared to other fencing materials, it is really budget friendly and you can play with colors as per your choice while painting the fence. It also gives you the flexibility to change the design or the total fencing in any time. All you have to do just let us know your desire and we are here for you.

Aluminum Fencing: When you compromise nothing with the quality then you can certainly choose aluminum fencing for your home. If you have to choose between iron, steel, and aluminum then it is the most budget-friendly solution. The different styling, great access, and low maintaining make it ever more popular now a day. It can give you a long lasting service while being friendly to the environment.

Chain Link Fencing: If you want a pick the recent popular fencing solutions, then chain link fencing would be a great option for that. In most parts of the country are choosing this because of its low maintenance and budget-friendly price rate. You don’t need to spend much time cleaning the fence. It assures you the quality product at an inexpensive price.

Iron Fencing: When security is the most concerned then you must choose something that gives you the best service. Iron fencing can be a great solution for this. Though it is a little pricey than the others where every penny is worth it considering the security it gives. The material also gives you a long lasting service with low maintenance facilities.

Steel Fencing: When the budget is not a problem then the best thing you can choose for your home is steel fencing. It gives you the safest and secure feeling than any other fence types. No matter how denser it is than the aluminum and iron as long as it gives you the best service. Besides security, you can also beautify your home by choosing the appropriate colors of steel fencing as per your requirements.


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The best way to protect your property against intruders is by fencing. You can be sure that people will not make a way in your home and deny you your privacy. Apart from enhancing the level of security and safety [fence installation west palm beach], fencing also has several benefits to both commercial and residential premises. The right fence can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. The implication is that the fence that you choose will increase the value of your home especially if you are planning to list it for sale. The fence can also contain your pets and young ones within the compound and hence avoiding the risk of accidents from motorists.

There are different types of fences that you can install around your property. You need to choose one depending on your fencing goals. For instance, a fence that is used to enhance the level of privacy in your property may be slightly different from a security one. The other purpose of a fence is to demarcate or show boundary of a property. It is good to choose a fence that will meet your goals with the desired level of precision.

The other determining factor when choosing a fence to install around your compound is the cost. You will always pay for a fence depending on the cost of the material. Some of these fences are durable while others may be more attractive. You have to make sure that you are comfortable with the qualities that your fencing materials exhibit. Let us look at some of the types of fences that you can install around your property.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl is one of the contemporary fencing materials that you can find in the market. The number of people who are installing these fences around their property in the United States is on the rise. Several things motivate property owners to choose vinyl fencing over the other materials. First, vinyl fences are virtually maintenance free [driveway gates west palm beach]. It requires little maintenance in comparison to the other fencing options. The beauty of the vinyl material is that it will not blister, corrode, peel, chip, or even rust. You don’t need to paint or reseal this fencing material. All you need to do is wash it occasionally using a garden fence, and you will keep it looking at its best.

Vinyl has several textures, colors, and innovative styles. Therefore, you will not fail to get one that will blend well with the rest of your exterior. It also has an acrylic formulation that will protect your fence from the harsh rays of the sun. It has a high level of strength and flexibility in comparison to the other fencing materials. Therefore, it can withstand the day to day effects of taking care of your lawn.

Vinyl fencing products come with steel reinforced bottom rails that provide a rigid and robust structure. The routed rails and fencing posts allow easy assembly and secure picket attachment. The other advantage of vinyl is that it complies with the building code and all you need is a licensed contractor to handle the installation process. The material also comes with a lifetime limited warranty protection. You can be sure you will get value for your money by installing vinyl fences. You can have it for over 20 years without and repair and maintenance costs.

Wood Fences

Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement - Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, PVC Pergola, Repairs & Replacement, Gates- 32


Wood remains to be the oldest fencing material because it has been with humanity from the inception of the world. Several people in America prefer to fence their commercial and residential properties using this material. The first advantage of wood is that it is an eco-friendly material. This material is natural and hence matures synergistically. You can grow trees for fencing in a large-scale farm. Also, disposing of old wooden fences [gate companies west palm beach] does not pose any risk to the environment.

It is also easy to install wooden fences. It is easy to cut the poles to the desired height to create a beautiful fence. Adjusting the height of the other fencing materials can be a big challenge. Wood allows you to create the desired distance between one pole and another. Wooden fences will also add an aesthetic appeal to your property. Some of the techniques you can use to enhance the aesthetic appeal of wood include painting, carving, and staining. You can but water-resistant stains and paints from the local paint store or hardware depending on your color of choice. You can also repaint these walls regularly to a different color depending on your desires.

Most people run for wooden fences because they are less expensive in comparison to the other fences. You can also replace or repair the affected section of the fence without pulling down the whole structure, and this increases your savings. The repair materials are cheap and readily available at the local stores. Lastly, wood fences come in a broad range of impressive designs, and you will not fail to get a perfect match for yourself. Some of these notable designs include a paddock, spaced board, French Gothic, lattice top, split rail, stockade, post-and-rail, table top, and picket to name a few. You can buy a broad range of caps for your wooden posts ranging from copper to standard. Some of them have solar lights that eliminate beautiful lighting to your property at night.

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Aluminum Fences

Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement - Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, PVC Pergola, Repairs & Replacement, Gates- 1


Aluminum is one of the common fencing materials in the United States. It is one of the most affordable ways to keep intruders from your compound. It is cheaper to install aluminum fences [residential fence installation west palm beach] than even wooden options. Therefore, the price is the primary advantage of aluminum fences. Aluminum is a light fencing material, and you can transport them with a lot of ease. However, these fences are not as sturdy as the wooden options. You have to install metallic posts before running linked fencing material around these poles. You need to tie the fence section to the poles to complete the setup.

The process is, and the structure can rattle after some time. Even though it is easy to pull these fences, you cannot pull them away from the attached poles. The manufacturing process does not allow them to be very sturdy. If you desire privacy, don’t go for aluminum fences because they are see-through. Despite all this, it is the best fencing option for anyone who is on a budget. It is an excellent option if you want to keep your pets within the yard but allows the neighbors to have a view of your beautiful garden. Aluminum fences are excellent investments as long as they meet your needs. If not, you can choose any other alternative that you think is better for your compound.


Chain Link Fences

Chain link is a popular near ornamental fencing design for residential and commercial places. It is manufactured from coated steel wires and has an interlocking design making it pet proof. Even cats that enter through narrow-barred fences will not penetrate the chain link. The most significant benefit of chain link fences is the fact that it is cost-effective. It is also reliable in terms of maintenance and security. Chain link fences also come in customizable designs. The wires have different thicknesses and color varieties that will blend well in any exterior decoration. You can go for a thick coated or bright colored chain link if you run a pre-school nursery. 

The process of installing chain links is quick. It is fast and easy to install a chain link fence. All you need to do is roll the interwoven mesh or wire as you fasten in the poles. The structure has low-maintenance requirements because you will not be cleaning or painting it. The material has a coating that deals with oxidation reactions.

Chain link fences will not obstruct light to your compound in any way. Therefore, you may not have to install lights around your property. The material and design of chain links offer no light obstruction and full visibility. You can be sure that you will bring obstruction to your property to an end. It will also contain your kids and pets from the neighborhood without blocking visibility. If you think that chain link is the best option for you, go ahead and install one around your property.

PVC Fences

Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement - Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, PVC Pergola, Repairs & Replacement, Gates- 29


PVC provides an inexpensive fencing option for your yard. It is also an excellent option for demarcating your property even though it is not that sturdy. Apart from cost, PVC fences are good at up to the weather elements and is a highly durable fencing option. The material comes in a wide range of heights and colors and hence you can use it to compliment your entire landscape.  Most people will tell you that PVC offers an eco-friendly fencing option. It is an attractive fencing option for both residential and working places.  This material is not only strong but also highly flexible and hence it will not crack. Therefore, it can handle any environmental impacts with a lot of ease.

PVC is highly durable because it will not blister, corrode, rust, chip, decay, warp, stain, scratch, or absorb moisture. The UV protection also make PVC to be fade resistant. It has the longest life expectancy of 25 to 50 years. It is a safe fencing material because it will not conduct electricity or splinter. It is also the best choice for your kids and pets as it does not have sharp edges and nails. It is flame retardant and hence will not combust easily. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for drought prone climates and locations. Its by-products are none-toxic under combustion. You can customize the PVC fence to a broad range of height, colors, and styles. You can easily customize this fencing material to your unique needs. 


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Iron Fences

Iron fences are good because they add value and elegance to your property. It is among the most versatile methods because it has several advantages to property owners. You can install iron fences in your home or office. First, iron fences will provide a high level of security to your property. No trespasser or stranger will access your property when you install iron fences. You will be sure that both your kids and valuable assets are safe and secure. It will give you the peace of mind that you desire.

The other advantage of iron fences is that they add value and elegance to your property. It gives your yard a high level of exquisiteness like no other type of fencing material [pool fence installation west palm beach]. Besides, iron is a durable and long-lasting material in comparison to vinyl and wood. These fences can withstand the day to day wear and other unexpected events like when a vehicle hits it badly. The high level of elegance and durability makes iron to be among the most popular fencing options in the market.

If you want to enhance the level of privacy around your property, then iron fencing is the way to go. All homeowners would like to enjoy a high level of privacy in their homes. These fences offer complete privacy and neighbors won’t be able to see what is happening in your compound.

The maintenance of iron fences is quite easy and this is what most homeowners want. It has very minimal maintenance requirements than the other fencing options. It also comes with a longer lifespan in comparison to wood. In case there is a minor damage on any section of your fence, you can easily fix it without having to pull down the whole fence.

Lastly, iron fences have innumerable design options. Therefore, you will have the freedom to select the one that meets the theme and style of your home best. With all these benefits, you can use iron fences in a broad range of applications. You can be sure that iron fences will grant your property a high level of elegance, privacy, and security. It is one of the best fencing alternatives that we have in the market.


Fence Repair & Replacement

fence surrounds nearly all properties in the United States. We cannot run away from the fact that these fences depreciate over time. Some of the causes of depreciation in your fence are natural signs of aging. However, your fence may also call for repair because of destructions from harsh weather conditions like the storm. A car can also drive into your fence and destroy it. Therefore, several things can ruin your fence and lead to damage. There comes a time when you cannot run away from fence repair & replacement even if you have the best structure in place.

When it comes to aging elements, the frequency of fence repair & replacement depends on the type of fence that you have. Wooden materials tend to call for more frequent maintenance because they can rot. A fence like a chain link does not require any repairs and hence has a minimal maintenance cost. You need to think about the cost and frequency of repairs whenever you are installing a fence around your property. In some cases, you can only repair the damaged section while in other instances, you have to pull out the whole fence. Pay close attention to all these elements when installing a new fence because they may come back to hit you at some time.

Under normal circumstances, the most expensive fences usually have the least maintenance cost. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the repair costs while fencing your property. A fencing option may be cheap but end up being costly in the long run. Lastly, avoid DIY fence repair & replacement projects unless you have the right expertise. You may end up compromising the quality of your fence in the name of making some savings. It is better to leave this project in the hands of professionals if you want value for your money.


Commercial Fence Installation

Palm Beach Fence Pros Installation & Replacement - Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, PVC Pergola, Repairs & Replacement, Gates- 5


Like residential places, commercial properties also need a reliable fence. Such a barrier will make sure that your employees, customers, and other stakeholders are safe. It will also keep your property and that of the other people who use your premise safe. A beautiful fence will also enhance the competitive advantage of your property in the region. Most serious entrepreneurs will want to secure an office in your premise as long as it has a secure and aesthetically appealing fence. Besides, customers will also be comfortable in buying from such a safe premise.

Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the process of commercial fence installation. First, make sure that you are choosing highly functional and attractive fencing materials. Striking a balance between these two elements will give you the best results from your fencing efforts. It is also good to allow professionals [fence companies west palm beach] to work on your commercial fence installation. Don’t trust anyone who is not certified with such a task. You want to be sure that the contractor will carry out the job in the right manner.

The company that you choose should be licensed and have insurance for all its employees. You can be sure that such a company has the interests of the customer at heart. Also, go through the portfolio of the company and past projects to check whether you are comfortable with their work. Lastly, go through the previous customer reviews to see whether you are dealing with a reputable brand. You need a commercial fence installation company that offers high-quality services at the most affordable rates in the market.

With all this information, you can now choose the right type of fence for your property. The decision typically depends upon your fencing objectives. You will always get the best product whether you desire to enhance safety, security, privacy, or the aesthetic appeal of your property. You can also fence as a way of demarcating the boundary of your land. The other important determinant of the fencing material is the budget constraint. All said and done; you need a fence that will meet your needs well.

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